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Temple Baptist Church, now located on Macland Road in Powder Springs, GA, began under the leadership of Rev. Carl Davis in a tent on South Cobb Drive, near Smyrna and Marietta, GA over 50 years ago.  The congregation settled in to permanent quarters in a brick building on South Cobb Drive just north of Pat Mell Road where it stayed until the mid-1970's.  The church then relocated to Austell Road in Marietta, GA until relocation to the current facility in Powder Springs, GA. 








Much of this history is provided by Mrs. Carl Davis, widow of the founding pastor, and Rev. Thomas Hawkins, a former pastor.  We extend very special thanks to their years of devoted service to Temple Baptist Church and its members, and the whole community.


The church was organized October 1949 under a gospel tent at the close of a two week revival, run by Rev.  Carl Davis.  About forty members joined intially.  Rev.  Lawrence Garett and five or six deacons moderated the inaugural conference.  Rev.  Carl Davis was called as Pastor.  The congregation moved shortly after this to a three-room house on Davis Road.


Wesley and Hattie Dorrel purchased a bus, which was driven by Joe Hulsey.  The congregation began to give to the church, and soon moved to a house on South Cobb Drive and Concord Rd.  in Smyrna, GA.   A large tent was rented, and services were held there for the summer and winter.  There were large crowds, and many were saved.


Land was purchased on South Cobb Drive just near the Smyrna-Marietta town line,  between Pat Mell Road and Waldrep Circle.  A tent was purchased and moved to the land along with the pulpit, chairs, and heaters.  Sawdust was used on the floor.  Service was held winter and summer.  Mrs. Satterfield played the piano.  Storms and weather would often blow the tent down, with the members of the church rebuilding the tent after each time.  Eventually, the tent was destroyed.  Services were then held at the Pastor's home, located on Clay Road and South Cobb Drive.  Services were held there until a permanent structure was built at 1906 South Cobb Drive. Mary Davis and Carolyn Davis Newton played the piano and organ.


The church continued to thrive in the permanent building on South Cobb Drive until the mid-1970's when it was decided by the church to purchase some land at 3050 Austell Road in Marietta, GA, near the intersection of Milford Church Road and Austell Road.  A new steel building structure was built and over time a new asphalt parking lot was created and a separate concrete block fellowship hall building was erected next to the steel building that housed the church & Sunday School.  For a brief time in the 1990's the church was also home to a Christian school which rented the facilities during the week and also contributed to some re-modeling of the structure to accommodate more school rooms.  The church remained there on Austell Road for almost thirty years before moving to the present acre facility in Powder Springs, GA.  The previous structure & land at Austell Road was purchased by the congregation of Iglesia La Luz Del Mundo (Church of the Light of the World).  The original permanent building structure erected in the 1950's on South Cobb Drive is also still standing, and presently houses a business.  The original brick building has been resided with a painted stucco veneer and is not easily recognizable as the original building, but is still standing as of 2008.





Name and approximate length of service are listed, in chronlogical order


Rev. Carl Davis - Founder, 14 1/2 years ca. 1949-1963

Rev. Paul Kitch - Student of Tenessee Temple, Short Time ca. 1963

Rev. Carl Davis - Returned for short time after Rev. Kitch ca. 1963-64

Rev. John Boatner - 4 years ca. 1964-1968

Rev. Hawton Ellis - 4 years ca. 1968-1972

Rev. Roger Swafford - 4 years ca. 1972-1976*

Rev. Ken Hinkley - Interim Pastor ca. 1976-1977

Rev. Billy Bell - 6 years ca. 1977-1983

Rev. Ronnie Roberts - few months ca. 1983-1984

Rev. Harman Tanner - Interim Pastor ca. 1984-1985

Rev. John Robinson - 6 years ca. 1985-1991

Rev. Thomas Hawkins - 6 years ca. 1991-1997

Rev Rodney Colston - Current Pastor - 1997-present**


* 2nd permanent building on Austell road was built during Rev. Swafford's tenure

** Current building dedicated in 2004 during Rev. Colston's tenure

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